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During 2013 our company was recognized by the Community of Madrid. On behalf of she was the spokesperson for our community Mr. Salvador Victoria Bolivar, besides the simply consult the Republic of Peru, Mr. Arturo D. Chipoco; and other great guests. Sigue

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10May, 2016

Taller "Aprende a Limpiar Jugando"
Our team has initiated a series of Workshops Scheduled for ages 4-7 years. On 10, 17 and May 24 will begin these workshops between one and two hours, taught by early childhood educator uan entitled. The objective is to teach our children to work in domásticas tasks in a quick and fun way. The work is work of children and we want our children to aprendar chores is a thing of the whole Family. A must send confirmation email before May 9 at

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conserjes en madrid Control de Accesos

Custodians, access control , auxiliary services to authorized companies. BIS FACILITY SERVICES aims to give you more fluidity to services where a Watchman must not be moved from his position, so our staff can be an ideal complement to the monitoring service that you have contractS�gue >>

limpiadores Servicios Generales de Limpiezas

Cleaning Business , buildings , Offices , Homes, Urgent cleaning , cleaning after a reform , spot cleaning house before going to live . Our quality policy requires us to tell us that this you satisfied with the service performed , and more than satisfied, we find fulfilled the expectations of the cleaning finishedSigue >>

porteros Conserjes

Our staff is highly qualified , They receive extensive training in the area of Concierges , ultización of the machinery necessary to perform their job with the utmost professionalism and quality

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personal dom�stico Servicio Doméstico

Personal Cleaning , Iron, Home Handyman Services , window cleaning , child and sick care , etc.
Our employees have been properly trained in accident prevention, Customer Service and first aid. In addition , area supervisors are required to give all the necessary documentation about the worker before starting service

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our team will select the best Webmasters continually News About Our economic sector : Concierges and Janitors, Private Security and Public Safety and Services cleanings and Environment in General

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